Best business ideas in Delhi with low investment


Are you thinking of starting a new business in Delhi?? Well, finding a good business idea is as tough as arranging investment for the business. Business success is a blend of a good business idea started with the right investment. Of course, every entrepreneur looks for low investment option when starting a new business. Investment is a problem for an entrepreneur when they think of starting a new business. It is all you need is an idea to implement an effort to succeed. If you are looking for low investment business plans, you are here on the right page. The low business investment ideas listed here will help you pave the right career path.

Interior designing

With the real estate sector in Delhi is in plunge, interior designing business is on the rise too. You can start interior designing at low business investment and creativity as your capital. However, you need an office space to meet your clients and demonstrate your skills so; you can start your business by renting co-working spaces in south Delhi.

Finance consulting services 

Are you good at finances? If yes, you can think of starting a small trading company. This is another business that is high in demand. You can meet your clients even in the small co-working spaces to share your ideas and expertise in the field and convince them to become your customer. All need to have finance consulting services is to have proper expertise and knowledge in the field.

 Party Planner

 The capital city of the nation loves party life so; your business will have a good scope of growth when you start your business as a party planner. Arranging party events for nightlife in the city is a great business idea. However, when you meet the clients at your business location, your office space should show up the ambience of your creativity. To showcase your expertise in small space, co-working space in south Delhi is the right choice.

Real estate agents 

Real estate is one among the booming sector in Delhi city. If you have been a broker in the real estate sector since a while in the city, you can expand your business by establishing real estate consultancy service in the small co-working space in south Delhi.

Wedding consulting service 

 Wedding is a vital phase of anybody’s life, especially in countries like India. If you are a person who is well organized, have attention to detail and are good at organizing the events, wedding consulting services can be the right choice for you. It is all your creativity if it makes it memorable for others in their lifetime. It is a low investment business option one can choose and increase it gradually through online promotion.

Small IT firm 

 Every business reaches heights starting small; your IT consulting services is not an exception if you are a group of young individuals with a passion for standing on your feet, starting a small IT firm with a team of young professionals.


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